friendship quotes friends are god gift in our life

By | October 26, 2018

Today we are sharing a list of top friendship quotes ,friends are god gift in our life.You can easily share this friendship qutoes in any social media.


‘Share your smile with the world;
It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.’ ;☺

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‘A man’s friendships are one of ;
the best measures of his worth.’ ; ☺

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‘One enemy is too many and;
a hundred friends too few ‘;☺

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friendship quotes

‘Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense;
and to have her nonsense respected.’ ; ☺

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‘God made friends because stories;
dreams and prayers are meant to be shared. ; ☺

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‘There is nothing on this earth more;
to be prized than true friendship.’ ; ☺

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‘You can always tell a real friend;
when you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t
feel you’ve done a permanent job.’ ☺

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‘God made friends to help us feel loved;
and accepted just the way we are.’ ; ☺

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‘Walking with a friend in the dark is;
better than walking alone in the light.’ ; ☺

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‘No person is your friend who demands your silence;
or denies your right to grow.’ ; ☺

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‘Friendship is unnecessary;
like philosophy, like art;
It has no survival value;
rather it is one of those things;
which give value to survival.’ ☺

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‘Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.’ ; ☺

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