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By | October 26, 2018

best i love you quotes for you.in this post we share the  i love you quotes for you.Enjoy the large collection of  i love you quotes  to share with your family, friends , boyfriend and girlfriend


‘:If I know what love is,, :it is because of you. :.’♦

i love you quotes,love quotes

‘:To your heart: :I love you,, from my heart.. :’♦

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‘:I love you so,, :But why I love you,, : I’ll never know. :.’◙

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i love you quotes


‘:If the sky where made of paper and the ocean my ink well.. :
: I still wouldn’t be able to describe how much I love you,, :
:and how wonderful you make me feel when I am with you.. :’◙

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‘:Here’s my love,, take it.. Here’s my soul,, use it.. :
:Here’s my heart,, don’t break it.. Here’s my hand,, :
:hold it and together we will make it forever.. :’♠

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‘:I am an overprotective,, jealous,, selfish,, :
:awful human being..All because I love you.. :’■

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love quotes

‘:No matter what has happened.. :
:No matter what you’ve done.. :
: No matter what you will do.. :
:I will always love you.. I swear it.. :’ ♠

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‘:I love you simply because it’s you.. :’ ♠

 lv u quts

‘:When I saw you,, I was afraid to meet you.. :
:When I met you I was afraid to kiss you.. :
:When I kissed you,, I was afraid to love you.. :
:Now that I love you,, I am afraid to lose you.. :’ ♠

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